The Upstream Turnaround Assist Program (uT-AP) is a specialized version of the Industry-renowned Turnaround Assist Program (T-AP). Whereas the T-AP focuses on downstream turnarounds, the uT-AP is tailored to address the specific challenges and constraints inherent in upstream and offshore shutdowns. The uT-AP has been developed over hundreds of engagements to optimize readiness and provide assurance that best practices are being implemented throughout the shutdown life cycle. Sites throughout the world trust in AP-Networks’ uT-AP to help make safe, event-free, predictable, and competitive outcomes possible.

Like the T-AP, the uT-AP is comprised of four on-site engagements, each of which can be contracted for individually by a client site. By drawing on AP-Networks’ world-class digital tools, our Industry-leading methodologies, and our uniquely qualified staff, the uT-AP helps site teams identify planning gaps, assess team dynamics, zero in on turnaround risks, and plan for constraints, all in relation to:

  • Scope Development and Work Packages
  • People on Board (POB) Planning
  • Logistics – Shipping/Helicopter Scheduling
  • Materials Management/Laydown Areas/QA & QC
  • Schedule/Critical Path/Schedule Sequencing Scenarios
  • Contractor/Vendor Mobilization Plan
  • Interconnectivity with Adjacent Assets
  • Onshore/Offshore Ownership

uT-AP engagements are structured around four major points during the turnaround life cycle, and provide value across the entire enterprise by:

  • Identifying potential issues and performance gaps early to mitigate risks and avoid disasters
  • Aligning team members with each other and with the goals of upper management
  • Developing a detailed, on-target action plan for the turnaround


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