The Turnaround Interval Management Program (TIMP) is an innovative process designed by AP-Networks to establish the optimal turnaround or shutdown interval for a particular site on a unit-by-unit basis. By delivering improved site efficiency, TIMP generates value for upstream suppliers and downstream customers whose operations are constantly impacted by turnarounds and outages. The program has proven essential for energy and petrochemical companies around the world by consistently delivering significant savings stemming from better unit reliability and optimized unit downtime.

Conducting turnarounds too frequently results in excessive cost to the organization, while running a unit too long results in equipment damage, poor reliability, and exorbitant turnaround costs. TIMP minimizes risks by utilizing a tried-and-tested, systematic methodology to determine an optimum turnaround interval. During the engagement, our veteran associates draw on operational and performance data to develop a path forward that reflects the realities of your site.


Case Studies