To improve turnaround performance, you need experience on your side. And there’s nothing like having Industry’s foremost expert in turnaround improvement in your corner. Our Turnaround Experience Augmentation services are not staff augmentation. Your site staff already possesses invaluable knowledge. By teaming them with AP-Networks’ experiences associates, there’s no limit to what can be accomplished.

Through an “on call” basis a few days a week or by way of a finite assignment, our senior staff will provide specialized turnaround assistance, without the economic or logistical issues of acquiring long-term assistance. Our veteran team brings real world expertise spanning a diverse array of backgrounds, from maintenance and operations leaders to vice presidents and site managers. This depth of knowledge, coupled with our independent perspective, has allowed us to consistently deliver effective guidance on strategic decisions, tactical activities, and proven practices that have shaped the way organizations approach turnarounds and everyday operations.

Our skilled associates are called upon not only to professionally influence and drive behavioral change in an organization, but also to serve as coaches and mentors who actively demonstrate how to turn concepts into results. These results have included, but are not limited to:

  • The development and implementation of a company- and site-wide turnaround work process
  • The creation of an effective turnaround team with organizational buy-in and support
  • The development and implementation of a successful turnaround strategy
  • The development and optimization of a site turnaround portfolio to meet business and facility objectives
  • The implementation of turnaround best practices through a mentoring role with the site’s turnaround manager
  • The development of appropriate contracting strategies
  • The reworking of a site’s resource planning strategy to effectively utilize local plant knowledge and talent in key pre-turnaround planning and execution roles
  • The development and implementation of a material management and control process
  • The development and implementation of a project controls process and work breakdown structure


Case Studies