AP-Networks’ Turnaround Assist Program (T-AP) has set the Industry standard for turnaround improvement. Developed to enhance turnaround readiness and provide assurance that best practices are being implemented throughout the turnaround life cycle, the T-AP has been deployed at the majority of refining and petrochemical facilities throughout the world.

The T-AP is comprised of four on-site engagements, each of which can be contracted for individually by a client site. During these engagements, AP-Networks’ experienced turnaround associates provide site staff with an objective, outside perspective on all of the strategic decisions and tactical activities needed to implement a successful turnaround. Our team works closely with site staff at all planning and preparation stages to identify turnaround risks and mitigate those major risks that threaten meeting key objectives, all in the pursuit of safe, event-free, predictable, competitive turnaround outcomes.

Combined with AP-Networks’ world-class digital tools, experienced staff, and Industry-leading methodologies, the T-AP program has consistently delivered the most cost-efficient and incident-free turnarounds possible. T-AP engagements are structured around four major points during the turnaround life cycle, and provide value across the entire enterprise by:

  • Identifying potential issues and performance gaps early to mitigate risks and avoid disasters
  • Aligning team members with each other and with the goals of upper management
  • Developing a detailed, on-target action plan for the turnaround


Case Studies