The Turnaround Network, found at, houses the world’s most innovative digital toolset for turnaround planning and execution. The cloud-based platform is home to proprietary AP-Networks assurance tools that have become a standard part of how Fortune Global 100 energy and petrochemical companies plan and execute turnarounds. The ever-evolving toolset places the unrivaled turnaround expertise of AP-Networks on the desktop of every turnaround professional across the enterprise.

The Turnaround Network brings together your community of turnaround professionals to work in unison around a world-class array of experience-honed tools and best practices. These tools offer a tried-and-tested means of driving strategic and tactical decision making.

The Turnaround Network gives you the tools you need to:

  • Track compliance to work processes and enable more consistent levels of planning and preparation
  • Ensure that best practices are being implemented in the definition and planning phases
  • Measure and view the readiness of every turnaround at any stage
  • Access world-class processes at any time, from any place, for a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions
  • Provide a platform for common understanding and learning
  • Deliver predictable outcomes with proven, repeatable practices
  • Leverage knowledge and experience across multiple facilities
  • Facilitate the integration of newly merged companies with common processes, tools, terms, and best-in-class systems to govern turnarounds
  • Maintain corporate memory

Below is an overview of the Turnaround Network toolset:

  • NaviTrack – Provides comprehensive work process deployment and implementation
  • Turnaround Readiness Pyramid – Evaluates readiness while measuring planning status and team alignment
  • Risk Manager – Quantifies risks based on turnaround characteristics to serve as a predictor of turnaround outcomes
  • Cost of Change Tool – Quantifies hidden turnaround costs associated with late changes
  • Complexity Calculator – Categorizes turnaround complexity to ascertain the level of attention and assurance required
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