Pyxis is a risk management tool for projects and turnarounds. The name “Pyxis” comes from the Greek word for compass, and it’s a fitting name, as this innovative software tool helps teams easily navigate the risk management process. How does Pyxis achieve such a lofty goal? By providing an effective means of identifying risks, assessing their impact, and tracking risk response in real time. Even better, Pyxis can be used at any stage in the life cycle of a project or turnaround.

Pyxis is a proven tool that has delivered Industry-leading results for the world’s top energy and petrochemical companies. With Pyxis, your team has the capability to:

  • Identify risks associated with the capital project or turnaround
  • Categorize risks in a structured format
  • Evaluate risks based on their potential impact and probability of occurrence
  • Prioritize risks based on their level of manageability
  • Develop a comprehensive risk register
  • Monitor and manage risks by means of mitigation and contingency plan development

Pyxis comes pre-loaded with a proprietary database of Industry’s most common threats and opportunities. The tool’s Quick Start feature allows teams to begin the risk management process within minutes of logging on. Pyxis is easily accessible by all team members, and requires minimal upfront training by users. The tool can be deployed either as Software as a Service (SaaS), or pre-loaded on a network appliance for installation inside your company’s firewall. Pyxis can be licensed by company, site, facility, or project—with unlimited access, and a simplified annual license.

Curious? Here are some of the other things you can accomplish with Pyxis:

  • Improve management visibility into the most critical project or turnaround risks so that they can be properly identified, monitored, and mitigated.
  • Drive risk accountability throughout the ranks of the organization with individual assignments, email alerts, and historical action tracking.
  • Focus the efforts of the project or turnaround team so that the team can mitigate the risks with the greatest potential impact to the project or turnaround.
  • Enable a standardized risk management process to be used across the organization—ensuring 100% adoption and commitment.
  • Provide online access to proven best practices and methodologies based on the robust and ever-growing history of risk workshops AP-Networks has conducted.
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