Leverage Industry’s Most Powerful Suite of Tools

The LLERN module integrates with the other great tools you’re already using inside the Turnaround Network, the Capital Project Network, and the Upstream Network, like NaviTrack and iNTrack.

Achieve true step-change improvements in your turnaround and projects programs

AP-Networks knows that achieving repeatable, top-quartile turnaround performance requires the disciplined and consistent identification of opportunities for improvement to the preparation and execution processes. Most importantly, these improvements must be successfully acted upon. The project or turnaround team must develop the action plan and manage the specific actions required to implement and sustain improvements. AP-Networks is excited to offer LLern™ – the only lessons learned management system, designed to ensure improvement opportunities are fully realized across your entire facility.

The operating environment for manufacturing and processing facilities – refineries, petrochemical plants, and others – has changed dramatically, presenting new challenges for achieving turnaround and project cost efficiency and optimized execution. Organizations must fully identify the opportunities to drive improvement and become agile enough to implement new processes and procedures. Through the use of dynamic registers, LLern enables your team and entire site to actualize improvements through tracking of lessons learned items and subsequent assigned and scheduled, actionable tasks. Data can be directly transferred from the PYXIS risk management system for improvement and implementation. LLern will let your team and site harness lessons learned to drive continuous improvement like never before, fully integrating prioritized actions with NaviTrack, PYXIS and acXis to the individual user level for the most comprehensive approach to turnaround management driving individual ownership and reporting in real-time.

Continuously improve

LLern takes the static lessons learned list and transforms it into a fundamental component of your continuous improvement program. As a tool in AP-Networks’ cloud-based platforms, LLern is available remotely to every member of your team, with one enterprise-level license.

  1. Bring Event-Specific Learnings to the Organization
    Ensure that lessons learned flow from each event back to the site, then back down to all future events.
  2. Cut Through the Noise
    Prioritize lessons learned and zero in on the opportunities that will make an impact.
  3. Make Lessons Learned Actionable
    Assign these valuable opportunities to responsible owners and track progress with dynamic monitoring and reporting.
  4. Institutionalize Learnings from the Risk Management Process
    Capture successful risk mitigation outcomes and catalog learnings to improve the strategies that require change.

For existing licensees, LLern integrates with all the Industry-leading digital tools you already trust, including PYXIS risk management system. And if you’re new to AP-Networks, LLern is your gateway to continuously improving the preparation and execution efficiency of your projects and turnarounds.


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