The Challenge of Project and Turnaround Integration

Capital project and turnaround integration is a recognized pain point throughout the petroleum, chemical, and energy industries. Failure to successfully integrate capital projects is one of the top reasons why large turnaround events fail. The challenge is one of alignment. Projects and turnarounds each have their own success criteria, budgets, development schedules, and work processes, and these lead to a natural misalignment of objectives. With four out of five plant-based projects relying on a turnaround or outage for implementation, and turnarounds taking on more project scope than ever before, the problem of project and turnaround integration is one Industry can’t afford to ignore. That’s why AP-Networks developed iNTrack.

iNTrack is the first digital tool of its kind, capable of creating a dynamic link between the project and turnaround work processes. It allows for a free flow of information between project and turnaround teams, and facilitates the creation of an execution plan that seamlessly integrates project scope and maintenance scope.

Bridging the Divide with Digital Intelligence

Bringing the project and turnaround teams into alignment is a matter of properly integrating the project and turnaround work processes. AP-Networks’ cloud-based NaviTrack tool has long helped teams across the globe implement and deploy their work processes, providing real-time access to planning status, deliverables, job aids, and performance reporting. NaviTrack is found within AP-Networks’ cloud-based platforms—the Capital Project Network (CPN), the Turnaround Network (TAN), and the Upstream Network (UPN).

Companies with a license to the Capital Project Network and the Turnaround Network can license iNTrack, a first-of-its-kind digital tool that allows the project team and the turnaround team to link their work processes within NaviTrack. Built-in intelligence helps users easily identify events and activities for integration. Alignment is tested at system-prompted inflection points. And flexible, real-time reporting options keep stakeholders informed.

Real-Time Awareness and Reporting

With iNTrack, Capital Project Network and Turnaround Network users can quickly and easily view the status of integrated preparation activities within NaviTrack.

  • Handshake Activities
    A set of integrated, cooperative activities that are on the critical path for both the project and the turnaround. e.g., issuance of IFC deliverables, completion of project pre-fab activities, finalization of project-turnaround cost allocation structures
  • Checkpoint Activities
    A set of activities from the project plan that are reported on in the turnaround plan. e.g., development of project QA/QC plan, placement of procurement orders

Event-Specific Integration Activities

iNTrack utilizes a dynamic plant-based project work process in the Capital Project Network. This process is adaptable to different types of plant-based projects and is linked dynamically to the particular requirements of each turnaround. This flexibility allows iNTrack to work effectively across the plant-based project portfolio, breaking down options by project category:

  • Stand-Alone Projects
    Independent projects that need visibility and management as part of the project portfolio.
  • Partial Turnaround and Tie-In Projects
    Projects that are dependent on turnarounds for a portion of their execution scope, such as tying in to existing plant operations during a shutdown period.
  • Full Turnaround Projects
    Projects that are fully dependent on the turnaround window for execution.
  • Turnaround-Enabling Projects
    Projects that need to be completed prior to the turnaround and enable the turnaround to be successful.

Communication. Collaboration. Coordination.

iNTrack is part of the AP-Networks’ suite of innovative, Industry-leading tools that reside in three cloud-based platforms—the Capital Project Network, the Turnaround Network, and the Upstream Network. Over 50,000 users spread across more than 400 facilities and 50 countries rely on AP-Networks’ cloud-based tools to optimize their project and turnaround planning, preparation, and execution efforts. With iNTrack, Industry has the power to break down the walls between project and turnaround teams and finally solve the challenge of project and turnaround integration.

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