Across the globe, AP-Networks’ cloud-based tools have made a measurable impact in helping project and turnaround teams achieve predictable, competitive outcomes. These innovative, data-backed tools are housed within three cloud-based platforms—the Turnaround Network, the Capital Project Network, and the Upstream Network. The Cost of Change Calculator can be found in the Turnaround Network.

Quantify the Hidden Costs Associated with Late Changes

What is the cost impact of starting the turnaround earlier? What if it were delayed? What is the cost penalty of adding additional work packages after the scope freeze date? What if scope items were removed?

These types of decisions are inevitably confronted by a turnaround manager during the definition and planning phases of a turnaround. The Cost of Change Calculator aids in making these critical decisions by helping the turnaround manager to assess various cost alternatives against the business drivers for making late changes. The Cost of Change Calculator estimates the impact of these changes on the overall turnaround cost.

Backed by Data, Trusted by Industry

The reliability of the Cost of Change Calculator has been proven over the years throughout hundreds of turnarounds. It is a tried and true tool rooted in statistical regression models that make use of empirical data from AP-Networks’ engagements with Industry. As the AP-Networks Turnaround Database continues to expand, the tool becomes ever more robust.

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