Consistently achieving business objectives requires a well-functioning, standardized risk management process that is fully integrated into your organization’s culture. AP-Networks’ data indicate that more than a third of all major projects fail to meet their critical objectives due to insufficient risk management. The successful management of risk, governance, and compliance is critical to the delivery of predictable and competitive operating results.

Our knowledge and experience implementing risk management processes for the world’s leading owner-operator companies gives us the practical knowledge necessary to develop a risk management process customized to the needs of your organization. Our expert associates will help you take risk management from the esoteric and theoretical to the practical and tactical.

AP-Networks’ proven methodology has delivered first-class results to the world’s leading energy and petrochemical companies by:

  • Improving management visibility into the most critical risks, allowing these risks to be properly identified, monitored, and mitigated
  • Driving risk accountability and compliance sign-offs through a well-defined governance structure with key roles and responsibilities outlined
  • Focusing the efforts of the project team so that they can mitigate the risks with the greatest potential impact
  • Enabling a standardized risk management process to be used across the organization, ensuring 100% adoption and commitment
  • Providing access to proven best practices and methodologies based on AP-Networks’ extensive and ever-growing risk database


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