AP-Networks, AP Managing Director Pete Kwiatkowski will present “Cloud Based Asset Management for Driving Turnaround and Project Excellence” at Refining & Petrochemicals World, Thailand 2018 on Feb. 6 in Bangkok

February 5th – 6th, 2018 | Bangkok, Thailand

According to research conducted by Refining & Petrochemicals World, Indonesia and Thailand are primed to be the chief beneficiaries of the vast refining and petrochemical industry potential of Southeast Asia. As opportunities multiply, productivity and efficiency are critical in order to fully capitalize on this potential throughout the region. AP-Networks, AP Managing Director Pete Kwiatkowski will speak at Refining & Petrochemicals World, Thailand 2018 and offer insight on the vital role to be played by cloud-based asset management software in this evolving landscape. Attendees hoping to learn more about AP-Networks, AP’s product and service offerings can visit the company at Booth B4.

Pete will deliver his presentation, “Cloud Based Asset Management for Driving Turnaround and Project Excellence,” at 9:50am on Tuesday, February 6th. His presentation will examine the advantages of online, cloud-based tools for turnaround and project teams looking to achieve competitive, predictable outcomes. Additionally, Pete will explore how customized, web-based software solutions can be used to leverage the insights from benchmarks and advanced analytics. Presentation attendees will gain an understanding of how online tools can be used to optimize cost and schedule performance on both a site-wide and organization-wide level.

Pete Kwiatkowski is the Managing Director of AP-Networks, AP. He shares responsibility for the development and growth of the company’s presence in the Asia Pacific region. Throughout his career, Pete has focused on the integration between capital projects and turnarounds, working to facilitate a shared understanding of how the two areas relate, and helping teams to align planning efforts and create cohesive scope.

About Refining & Petrochemicals World
Refining & Petrochemicals World is a premier platform striving to deliver the best experience for industry leaders to discover the maximum downstream potential of emerging markets. The Thailand 2018 event will gather more than 200 industry professionals from refining and petrochemical plants, technical solution providers, and software/intelligent systems contributors to discuss the key factors driving productivity and efficiency. The conference will focus on two main areas: “Operation Optimization” and “Downstream Technology.” The main refineries and petrochemical producers from Thailand and other ASEAN countries will deliver up-to-date projects information. Learn more on the conference website.

About Asset Performance Networks, Asia Pacific
AP-Networks, AP is the indispensable trusted partner to global petroleum, chemical, and energy companies that aim to optimize their assets’ performance and maximize operational efficiency. Our company achieves its mission by infusing strategic innovation, proven expertise, actionable insights, and unparalleled business intelligence analytics into a unique, winning formula for success. We leverage our databases, benchmarks, Software as a Service (SaaS) engines, and our industry-recognized consulting expertise to ensure that our clients mitigate, manage, and control high-risk events. Ultimately, our clients Aim Higher to realize superior business outcomes, and Aim Smarter to drive breakthrough performance in capital projects and plant turnarounds. For more information on AP-Networks, please visit www.AP-Networks.com.

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