At ERTC 4.0, AP-Networks Managing Director, EMEA John Alkemade will lead an interactive workshop: Digitalization Driving Turnaround and Plant-Based Project Excellence

What | Interactive Workshop: Digitalization Driving Turnaround and Plant-Based Project Excellence

When | Friday, November 30th @ 15:20

Where | Hôtel Martinez Cannes by Hyatt, France

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Digitalization is playing an increasingly prevalent role in the refining and petrochemical industries. Innovative technologies that once seemed like futuristic pipe dreams are increasingly becoming part and parcel of how things are done. With incredible potential and far-reaching effects, the influx of this new technology has led many to declare the arrival of a fourth industrial revolution. As this “digital revolution” reinvents the refining and petrochemical industries, it is up to Industry leaders to chart a course for successful adoption and implementation of new digital tools. At ERTC 4.0, attendees will gather to do just that. Asset Performance Networks (AP-Networks) is proud to serve as a sponsor of the event.

AP-Networks Managing Director, EMEA John Alkemade will lead an interactive workshop: Digitalization Driving Turnaround and Plant-Based Project Excellence. Using data and insights gleaned from the AP-Networks Turnaround Database, John will discuss how to design turnaround and plant-based project governance, strategies for turnaround and plant-based project integration, and the leadership behaviors that are required for success. He will also discuss the ways in which AP-Networks’ own digital tools and web-based portals can and do streamline these efforts at sites across the globe.

John Alkemade is the Managing Director, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) for AP-Networks. He possesses more than 25 years of project and turnaround management experience spanning the energy, oil and gas, and chemical industries. In his current role, John shares responsibility for the development and growth of the company’s presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He has been integral in expanding the global presence of AP-Networks, and, consequently, for growing AP-Networks’ consulting staff in the EMEA office.

About ERTC 4.0

A day dedicated to the next refining revolution. From robots to cobots, Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Reality, analytics to machine learning – the fourth industrial revolution is upon us! From the organisers of ERTC, Europe’s largest downstream event, we bring you ERTC 4.0, the event dedicated to understanding digitalization and all things IoT; from showcasing new technologies, addressing cyber security and plant automation, to understanding the new skills needed within the workforce to maximise the benefits that can be achieved from digitalization, ERTC 4.0 will address all the need to know topics.

About Asset Performance Networks

AP-Networks is the trusted leader for improving asset and operational performance in petroleum, chemical, and energy companies worldwide. We work with our clients’ most critical assets—their people, processes, and production facilities—to help them achieve safe, competitive, predictable outcomes on their high-risk events, namely capital projects and turnarounds. Our consultants are internationally recognized leaders and experts in project management, turnaround management, operations, benchmarking, risk management, and more. Our team leverages proprietary, data-driven tools that help our clients Aim Higher to achieve superior business outcomes and Aim Smarter to drive breakthrough performance. For more information on AP-Networks, please visit


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