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September 2018

BETHESDA, MD – The oil and gas industry is planning to invest over the next five years in an array of technologies that will enable it to sustain its primary role to serve the world’s energy needs, while aiming to reduce its environmental footprint. This conclusion comes in a new report “New technological frontiers in the oil and gas industry” and is based on a global, online survey of 263 oil and gas executives and managers, conducted by Newsweek Vantage and commissioned by Indra, AP-Networks, and Aspen Technology.

Here at AP-Networks, we continually work to expand the boundaries of turnaround knowledge. That means keeping a close eye on the trends and technologies that are poised to play a role in the future of our industry. To that end, we are proud to share the results. We encourage you to download the report now.

The report provides a range of insights into the technology investment choices made by executives, examining the drivers, the benefits, and the challenges of technological transformation for the oil and gas industry. The survey also reveals where the industry’s technology leaders are heading in their investment plans, providing an opportunity for readers to benchmark themselves against the survey respondents and some proponents of best practices.

Download the report to learn more about what oil and gas executives are planning, as they prepare for an uncertain and highly competitive future.


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