AP-Networks is uniquely qualified to provide remote benchmarking and assurance services through our online software portals

Asset Performance Networks (AP-Networks) would like to remind our clients that we are able to provide benchmarking and assurance services remotely, without the need for travel or in-person contact. We are able to collect and analyze data via our online portals, remotely conduct team interviews as needed, and provide immediate access to the evaluative tools residing in our online portals: the Turnaround Network, the Capital Project Network, and the Upstream Network. With these tools and capabilities at our disposal, honed through hundreds of remote engagements conducted over the years, we can provide our clients with immediate access to Readiness Indices, Cost and Schedule Predictions and Benchmarks, and event-specific observations and recommendations—the exact same deliverables our clients rely on. To our knowledge, no other company is able to provide data-based analytical and contextual reviews remotely to clients.