The study will identify best practices for tank outages, establish Industry average and top quartile performance metrics, and provide a clear picture of the current state of tank maintenance

January 2020

Asset Performance Networks (AP-Networks) is launching a tank maintenance study to identify the drivers of high discovery scope during tank outages and best practices for successful tank outage planning and execution. The study will also establish metrics around tank outage performance to provide a definitive baseline for benchmarking and improvement. AP-Networks is actively seeking study participants.

To download more information, interested parties are encouraged to visit the study homepage.

Currently, there are no standard Industry performance metrics related to practices and outcomes for above ground storage tank maintenance (i.e., tank outages). Over time, the responsibility for corrective maintenance and tank outages has been shifting more and more to the scheduled turnaround group. However, the tools and processes used to plan and execute these outages have not adapted accordingly. In the best case scenarios, companies have been using their turnaround work processes to execute tank outages, with little information about the implications, challenges, and opportunities missed as a result.

The Tank Outage Benchmarking Study will:

  • Identify and understand tank outage practices from the early conceptual planning phase through the post-outage phase
  • Assess the impact of these practices on tank outage performance
  • Provide sponsor organizations with a set of Industry average and top quartile metrics
  • Identify best practices proven to drive predictable, competitive tank outage performance

In 2016, AP-Networks conducted the first tank outage work process research, which identified that tank programs have annual activities and tank-specific activities not accounted for in a general turnaround work process. Moreover, this research suggested that tank-specific work processes are not yet widely used among Industry, leaving significant opportunities untapped. It is important to further understand this segment of the turnaround industry to identify improvement areas.


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