AP-Networks Launches Benchmarking Study for Fertilizer and Nitrogen Plants

>>>>>>AP-Networks Launches Benchmarking Study for Fertilizer and Nitrogen Plants

Asset Performance Networks is seeking sponsors for the Fertilizer and Nitrogen Plant Turnaround Benchmarking Study. The study will answer the question: “What does good turnaround performance look like in the fertilizer and nitrogen industry?”

Houston, TX | March 9, 2017

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Asset Performance Networks (AP-Networks) is excited to announce the launch of the Fertilizer and Nitrogen Plant Turnaround Benchmarking Study. This consortium study will gather data on turnaround practices and outcomes in the fertilizer and nitrogen industry to answer the question: “What does good turnaround performance look like in the fertilizer and nitrogen industry?” As a long-time solutions provider to the industry, AP-Networks is well-positioned to deliver an answer.

AP-Networks is actively seeking sponsors for the study. To learn more, download the prospectus. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Josh Kise, Fertilizer and Nitrogen Benchmarking Project Manager for AP-Networks, at jkise@www.ap-networks.com.

In the current market, shrinking margins have made it more challenging than ever for companies to make a profit. This has awakened many companies to the critical impact that turnarounds have on the business, as well as to the opportunity to significantly reduce costs and downtime through better turnaround execution. Through its work with fertilizer and nitrogen plants, AP-Networks has identified a need among the industry to better understand what constitutes superior turnaround performance and how to achieve it.

AP-Networks’ latest joint-industry turnaround benchmarking study will identify top quartile turnaround performance levels for fertilizer and nitrogen plants, and it will highlight opportunities for improvement for sponsoring companies. It is the latest in a series of wide-ranging consortium benchmarking studies that the company has undertaken. Previous studies in the Canadian Oil Sands and maritime dry docking industries identified unique turnaround cost drivers and practices correlated with successful outcomes.

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