Setting the right scope plays a pivotal role in achieving cost, schedule, and reliability goals, and serves as one of the most critical steps in executing a successful turnaround. But determining scope is often marked by difficult and ineffective discussions around the work to be included or excluded from the event. AP-Networks’ Risk Based Scope Review (RBSR) provides a structured approach to help your site catapult past uncertainty and set the optimal scope for your turnaround. Reductions of 15 percent or more in overall turnaround costs are typical following an AP-Networks RBSR.

Companies that are not yet using risk based decision making techniques are making scope decisions based on legal requirements, criticality, plant or company practices, and management directives. These methods tend to be very conservative because the decisions are based solely on consequences. A facilitated RBSR, coupled with AP-Networks’ Risk Based Selection Tool (RBST), provides a fact-based, logical approach to decision-making that gives your team the necessary tools to:

  • Determine the right turnaround scope
  • Improve startup and run-time reliability
  • Gain buy-in to the final turnaround scope by all departments

Our proven RBSR methodology brings together the elements of failure likelihood and event consequences in order to quantify a plant’s exposure to the risks associated with a specific piece of equipment. With risks quantified, management can make informed decisions on turnaround scope.


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