Across the globe, AP-Networks’ cloud-based tools have made a measurable impact in helping project and turnaround teams achieve predictable, competitive outcomes. These innovative, data-backed tools are housed within three cloud-based platforms—the Turnaround Network, the Capital Project Network, and the Upstream Network. The Project Pyramid can be found in the Capital Project Network.

Identify Gaps and Build Alignment

The Project Readiness Pyramid is a self-assessment tool that enables project teams to measure the readiness of their project relative to Industry best practices. Using the concept of green, yellow, and red traffic lights, the Project Pyramid provides a clear, comprehensive overview of your project’s readiness and effectively measures team alignment across all key functional areas. It is designed to guide your team through proven best practices for planning and developing projects, and to help you anticipate challenges before they become showstoppers.

One of the key outputs of the Project Readiness Pyramid is the Project Readiness Index (PRI) Score. Reported on a 5-point scale (1 to 5, with 5 being best possible), this score serves as a quantifiable measure of readiness. It is generated by measuring the planning status across 21 component areas of project preparation. The alignment (degree of agreement) of the team members and the planning status are both components of the PRI Score. AP-Networks has conclusively found that as the PRI Score increases, cost and schedule overrun decrease, and project outcomes become more competitive and more predictable.

In addition to measuring overall status and alignment, the Project Readiness Pyramid provides links to specific job aids to improve the readiness of specific areas. The Pyramid can generate numerous reports complete with multiple layers of drill down and cross referencing. These reports help to pinpoint deficiencies in the preparedness of the project or the alignment of the team, offering a clear indication of where to focus resources to improve readiness.

Backed by Data, Trusted by Industry

The reliability of the Project Readiness Pyramid has been proven over the years throughout hundreds of projects. It is a tried and true tool rooted in statistical regression models that make use of empirical data from AP-Networks’ engagements with Industry. As the AP-Networks Capital Project Database continues to expand, the tool becomes ever more robust.

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