Optimize Tank Maintenance

Sites are now able to leverage the power of NaviTrack to manage their storage tank turnarounds. The features and functionality that have made NaviTrack an Industry standard have been combined with the ability to license the AP-Networks Tank Turnaround work process.

The AP-Networks Tank Turnaround work process takes a two-pronged approach that accounts for both the annual nature of the tank program and the ability to plan a turnaround for an individual tank.

Annual Process

In the annual process, sites will be able to manage the high-level strategies, policies, procedures, and long-range planning that will govern their tank maintenance program.

Individual Tank Process

In the individual tank process, sites will be able to manage the activities necessary to define and plane the scope of work to successfully conduct a turnaround on an individual tank.

If a site currently follows a storage tank turnaround process, the capability exists to load that process into NaviTrack. By doing so, the team will have real-time access to track the progress of the event, as well as templates and site-specific job aids to assist in the successful planning of their tank turnarounds.

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