Get the Most Value from Plant-Based Projects

Significant amounts of capital are spent on plant-managed projects. Few process plants obtain the full value from capital expenditures on small projects, and fewer still obtain predictable, dependable project outcomes. Despite clear opportunities to improve the value of plant-based project systems, small projects generally receive little attention or misguided direction from improvement tools and benchmarks that are suited for large projects.

To address Industry’s need to obtain consistent value from small projects, AP-Networks developed the Value and Competitiveness Assessment of Plant-Based Projects (VCAP). This assessment uses structured tools to analyze a facility’s project system and to chart an actionable roadmap to consistently obtain measurable value from its projects. Expert associates provide recommendations and support implementing proven solutions. The VCAP program establishes a performance baseline, implements improvement plans, and enables performance monitoring.

VCAP Documents

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    The Approach

    The effectiveness of a small project system is directly related to project portfolio management, engagement of key plant stakeholders (e.g., operations and maintenance), and implementation of best practices. These practices enable consistent delivery of high-value projects in the portfolio. VCAP leverages several diagnostic tools to analyze value generation, capital expenditure, lost profit opportunity, and organizational efficiency. These tools benchmark a plant’s project portfolio and its overall capital expenditure.

    Optimal Project Portfolio Management (PPM) enables pursuing high-value projects. Moreover, PPM helps organizations prioritize projects according to plant KPIs and focus project efforts accordingly. VCAP provides a comprehensive assessment of PPM practices, along with best practices for defining and executing small projects. Practices that work for large projects are often not applicable to small capital projects. Hence, VCAP was specifically developed for plant-based project systems to address the drivers of small project performance.

    AP-Networks’ senior associates are uniquely qualified to execute VCAP. Our professional team provides your company with an objective, independent perspective on strategic decisions and tactical activities needed to consistently deliver high-value small projects. We use state-of-the-art tools and a tried-and-true, proprietary method—the Projects System Pyramid.

    The Benefits
    • Higher business value projects with minimal impact on operations
    • More predictable and competitive projects
    • Improved plant alignment and team integration
    • A foundation for long-term continuous improvement
    • Higher ROI from the project portfolio


    Case Studies