SERA is an Industry-leading schedule risk analysis service. It includes an in-depth review of the risks and uncertainties that influence schedule duration outcomes, followed by an assessment of the key schedule drivers and the likely range for key milestone dates.

SERA is a powerful, proven solution for improving schedule predictability. AP-Networks’ proprietary methodology provides a structured format for producing a realistic schedule estimate that reflects the uncertainties and risks that a project or turnaround might face. Our veteran team possesses extensive knowledge of project and turnaround schedule development.

At the end of a SERA engagement, your team possesses not just a stronger schedule estimate for one engagement, but the knowledge and understanding to build stronger schedule estimates for all future engagements.

The SERA process walks users through the following steps:

  • Identify risks associated with the capital project or turnaround through group brainstorming, highlighting both threats and opportunities
  • Assess the schedule impact of the uncertainties and risks based on their potential variability, impact, and probability of occurrence
  • Build a SERA model that reflects the uncertainties and risks, and will produce an “S” curve of the overall duration of the project or turnaround, as well as “S” curves for any other milestone in the summary schedule, as required
  • Discuss the critical path and near critical path of the schedule, showing the team which activities are determining the length of the schedule in order to demonstrate where effort can most efficiently be spent to reduce individual activity durations and shorten the overall schedule

Benefits of AP-Networks’ SERA include:

  • Align stakeholders on the need to establish a credible schedule duration to achieve the agreed-upon scope
  • Increase understanding of the critical path activities and near critical path activities, providing the insight needed to focus on those activities most likely to shorten the schedule
  • Enable credible target setting based on agreed-upon confidence levels to drive superior performance

AP-Networks’ Cost Estimate Risk Analysis (CERA) is a sister service to SERA, and provides a powerful, proven solution for improving cost predictability.


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