AP-Networks’ Project Excellence and Assurance Consulting (PEAC) service provides project teams with the tools and insight to plan and execute safe, event-free, predictable, competitive projects. Structured as a series of targeted workshops, PEAC is designed to strengthen team integration and optimize project preparation prior to the start of detailed engineering and construction.

AP-Networks’ proven combination of world-class digital tools, unrivaled staff, and Industry-leading methodologies provides your organization with an objective perspective on the strategic decisions and tactical activities needed to ensure successful project outcomes.

PEAC engagements take place at strategic points throughout the capital project life cycle, and provide value across the entire enterprise by:

  • Aligning stakeholders on business objectives and priorities
  • Identifying threats to meeting key objectives and developing a plan to deal with these threats
  • Identifying and evaluating the severity of risks
  • Developing an effective strategy for managing interfaces
  • Advising on best practices in order to develop a plan to close gaps
  • Achieving superior team integration and communication


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