Is your company’s work process for capital projects producing superior business value? Is your process consistently used across the company? Do key stakeholders and functions buy in to the process? If you answered “No” to these questions, you are not alone. Successfully implementing a work process that consistently creates superior value is a rare accomplishment. That’s where AP-Networks comes in.

Our accomplished associates have played a critical role in the development and implementation of capital project work processes for many of the largest energy and petrochemical companies in the world. Armed with Industry’s largest collection of capital project best practice data, and bolstered by unparalleled experience, our team is ready to help you craft a capital project work process that works. Once the process is developed, we’ll provide training to get your team up to speed and drive buy-in throughout the site.

AP-Networks can help your organization learn from the success of others and avoid common pitfalls. Our associates will review your existing work process against the following key criteria:

  • Does it facilitate the selection of the “right” project?
  • Does it provide a “quick-kill” capability for non-viable projects?
  • Does it promote team integration and involve the right people at the right time?
  • Does it improve communication and knowledge sharing across locations and functions?
  • Does it reduce cycle time and prevent rework?
  • Does it provide a common language and terminology (particularly important for newly merged companies)?
  • Does it provide a common work process across locations and business units?
  • Does it promote a consistent approach across locations and business units?

Following this evaluation, we will provide a comprehensive roadmap to deliver and implement a capital project work process that maximizes value creation.


Case Studies