Mohamad Fakhouri is a Senior Consultant with Asset Performance Networks, based out of the company’s office in Bethesda, Maryland. Mohamad works with clients to put together a holistic picture of their turnaround performance relative to Industry, and offers actionable recommendations for implementing cost cutting measures and increasing operational efficiencies.

In his role as a Consultant, Mohamad executes Turnaround Assist Programs (T-AP), Integrated Turnaround Assist Programs (iT-AP), and Risk Based Scope Reviews (RBSR), as well as both risk and alignment workshops.

Prior to working as a Consultant, Mohamad was a Senior Analyst with AP-Networks’ Benchmarking and Predictive Analytics group. In this capacity, Mohamad utilized his expertise in operations research, process optimization, and regression analysis to develop and improve the statistical models and tools that AP-Networks draws upon to benchmark client performance. Mohamad played an integral role in the research projects and Industry benchmarking studies conducted by AP-Networks. Additionally, he maintained the AP-Networks Turnaround Database, Industry’s largest database of turnaround statistics.

Before joining AP-Networks, Mohamad worked as a Research Analyst at Duke University, analyzing complex performance metrics for product development. He also worked as a Technical Systems Analyst for the Royal Bank of Canada, tracking and analyzing business requirements in order to optimize the bank’s internal processes.

Mohamad received his MBA from Georgetown University. He holds a master’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, with a minor in Engineering Management, from the University of Florida, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon.