Josh Kise

Senior Consultant

>>>>Josh Kise

Josh Kise is a Senior Consultant with Asset Performance Networks, based out of the company’s office in Houston, Texas. Josh has a great deal of experience in planning, scheduling, and project management.

Since joining AP-Networks, Josh has focused on helping clients improve their risk identification and mitigation capabilities in an effort to avoid surprises and setbacks during projects and turnarounds. He has executed numerous Turnaround Assist Programs (T-AP), Integrated Turnaround Assist Programs (iT-AP), and Risk Based Scope Reviews (RBSR), as well as both risk and alignment workshops. Additionally, he has been involved in work process customization and revision for several clients.

Prior to joining AP-Networks, Josh worked as a Project Superintendent for a major civil construction firm, playing a key role in large-scale commercial and industrial construction projects. With shared internal and external contractors operating across numerous sites, Josh was responsible for cost and schedule forecasting as well as project tracking, making sure that all projects were completed on time and on budget. He also oversaw safety and quality assurance efforts. Integral to Josh’s role was his ability to disseminate high-level information from stakeholders to boots on the ground contractors, ensuring that work scope was implemented and performed in accordance with owner expectations.

Josh holds a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from the University of Houston.

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