Benefits Achieved

• Visibility of risks and actions across multiple, diverse business operations established
• Standardization of risk management practices
• Significant reduction in time spent producing management-level reporting
• Millions of dollars, and potentially lives, saved due to increased focus on risk management
• More than a decade and counting of ongoing use and evolving functionality


A global energy company had recently rolled out a large-scale revision to their capital project development process that included an increased focus on risk management. The company contacted AP-Networks because they did not have the tools in place to allow their project teams to achieve the quality of risk management that they were striving for. Having a unique knowledge of the company’s corporate culture and the background of their project process, AP-Networks was well-positioned to provide a fit-for-purpose solution.


AP-Networks developed an initial prototype risk management application and began to work with volunteer project teams to ensure that the solution provided the level of detail necessary and maintained a high level of usability. Feature-driven development allowed for user community requests to become realities, and soon the application was in demand far beyond the capital project group. For the next 10 years, the risk management application expanded and evolved with the company’s risk management process.

Alongside the deployment of the application, AP-Networks continued to partner with this organization to offer risk management consulting, training, and support to teams globally.


Today, the application is used by almost 20,000 individuals in the company and by all business areas. Its use has allowed projects to more easily and smoothly transition into operations, and the standardization has allowed personnel to move internally more flexibly. The tool allows teams from all over the globe to share information and best practices, which has changed the conversation and culture of risk management throughout the organization. The increased visibility on the management of risks and actions has improved transparency and accountability.

With hundreds of thousands of risks and actions, the tool has the capability to not only continue to drive quality risk management, but to serve as a knowledge base for many projects and operations for years to come.

Case Studies