Benefits Achieved

• 10 percent reduction in turnaround cost and schedule
• Better adherence to using and following the work process
• Reduced probability of turnaround “trainwrecks”


A large US refining company suffered from high variability in turnaround outcomes across their sites. Although the company had developed a standard work process, it was maintained in a binder and spreadsheet format. Its use by turnaround teams was sporadic, and milestones were consistently being missed. The poor performance experienced on several High Complexity turnarounds got management’s attention. After evaluating both internal and external options, the company selected NaviTrack as the best solution for improving adherence to the work process and tracking performance in real-time.


AP-Networks worked with the company to customize NaviTrack for their turnaround process. This was a two-month project where the company’s process was benchmarked against the AP-Networks best practice turnaround work process model. After identifying gaps, the company’s turnaround process was updated to incorporate some additional milestones that had been missing. The final process was then uploaded into the NaviTrack system complete with company job aids and templates. The project concluded with training sessions for both core team users and management.

Alongside the deployment of the application, AP-Networks continued to partner with the organization to offer risk management consulting, training, and support to teams globally.


The company observed an immediate improvement in the use of their turnaround work process. Because of the increased visibility provided by NaviTrack, late activities were identified quickly and the sites were able to take action to recover. After the first year of use, the company started to see quantifiable results. Cost and schedule overruns were significantly reduced and the company eliminated the “trainwreck” performance that had characterized many of their turnarounds.

Case Studies