David Lowe is a Subject Matter Expert with Asset Performance Networks, specializing in all aspects of operations preparation for turnarounds. He benefits from over 40 years of experience in operations within the petrochemical industry. David is a recognized Industry expert in turnaround execution from an operations perspective.

David has participated in Turnaround Assist Program (T-AP) engagements as a client, and has conducted a seminar on Operations Readiness at the AP-Networks Turnaround Industry Network Conference (TINC) in Amsterdam.

Prior to joining AP-Networks, David worked as the Area Leader assigned to turnarounds at the Phillips 66 Humber Refinery in Immingham, UK.  In this role, he also led the Operations Workgroup within the Phillips 66 Turnaround Network.  In 2015, he delivered the Operations Turnaround Coordinators training “Boot Camp,” developing standards for unit preparation, chemical cleaning, prepare to operate, and management of the Refinery Sector Rule during operations preparation. As an active member of the Turnaround Network, David has been engaged in a number of in-house peer reviews across the Phillips 66 Network.

David has over forty years of experience at the Phillips 66 Humber Refinery in various operations roles.  He has operational knowledge of a wide number of processes, including Crude Topping and Vacuum Distillation Units, Utilities, Aromatics Extraction (Liquid-Liquid Extraction), Toluene Hydro Dealkylation, Catalytic Reforming, Process Swing Adsorption, Sulphur Units (Claus and SuperClaus), Sour Water Strippers, Pentane Isomerization, Gas Recovery Plants, Amine Treatment, Hydrotreaters, FCCs, and HF Alkylation.