Supporting You During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond
Along with your mitigation and resiliency to COVID-19, we are here to illuminate the levers and gauges of your future outcomes—all remotely and digitally. From optimizing the shifting of event timing, to benchmarking and event assessments, to stress testing and mitigation insights, we provide the data and the digital tools to help you overcome challenges during COVID-19 and beyond.

Despite uncertain business conditions, informed decision-making is possible with the help of AP-Networks. Learn more about:

Remote Benchmarking and Assessments
AP-Networks is uniquely qualified to provide remote benchmarking and assurance services through our cloud-based platforms

AP-Networks is able to provide benchmarking and assurance services remotely, without the need for travel or in-person contact. Through our cloud-based platforms—the Turnaround Network, the Capital Project Network, and the Upstream Network—we are able to collect and analyze data, conduct team interviews as needed, and provide immediate access to our Industry-renowned evaluative tools—all remotely.

With these tools and capabilities at our disposal, honed through hundreds of remote engagements conducted over the years, we can provide our clients with immediate access to readiness indices, cost and schedule predictions and benchmarks, and event-specific observations and recommendations—the exact same deliverables our clients rely on.

To our knowledge, no other company is able to provide data-based analytical and contextual reviews remotely to clients.

Turnaround Scenario Analysis | Leverage Data Analytics to Drive Optimum Turnaround Timing
Changing turnaround dates can have a significant impact on business results. We can help.

Pandemics, strikes, geopolitical unrest, and other asymmetric threats present unique challenges for short- and long-term decision-making. In response to these challenges, many businesses are forced to consider shifting the timing of planned turnarounds. This shift in timing can have far-reaching effects on both the event in question and other turnarounds scheduled to occur in the same time period and in the future.

AP-Networks is uniquely qualified to provide a data-driven analysis of risks, likely outcomes, and the current and cumulative effect of various combinations and  scenarios on business outcomes. Over the course of two decades, we have developed the tools and expertise to help businesses weigh their options and quantifiably assess the potential impacts to cost, schedule, and readiness associated with changing the dates of maintenance shutdowns.

The Turnaround Scenario Analysis allows you to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining a desired level of business operations, thereby safeguarding your people, your assets, and your brand. This analysis can be conducted using video conferencing and desktop review of input data.

Stress Testing for Post-COVID-19 Readiness
Is your organization ready to Return to Work? Are performance and other risks identified and managed? A Stress Test provides the answer.

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting virtually every aspect of project and turnaround planning and execution, posing unprecedented risks to event performance. These impacts are forcing owner-operators to shuffle project and turnaround plans, directly affecting their medium- and long-range plans. While the final impact of the COVID-19 risk remains unclear, projects and turnarounds in the remainder of 2020, 2021, and possibly even 2022 will be influenced by Industry’s response to the crisis, including the potential for stacking up of events, competing demand for resources, and subsequent execution risks.

Here at AP-Networks, our project and turnaround performance data, advanced data analytics, and risk analyses identify, analyze, and quantify the multitude of risks and their potential cascading effects on outcomes. This is why we are introducing the Stress Test to restart project and turnaround planning and execution, and strengthen your organizational ability to deal with the short- and intermediate-term challenges and effects of COVID-19. The comprehensive Stress Test includes:

  • Benchmarks for scope, cost, schedule, and risk associated with potential changes to the long-range plan
  • Scenario analysis to understand the impact of changes to the long-range plan
  • Identification and analysis of top risks
  • Benchmarks of site execution capabilities, and an assessment of staffing plans
  • Assessment of the availability and capability of vendors prior to contractual commitment
  • Observations and recommendations to optimize the Long-Range Plan
  • Observations and recommendations to support updating the Work Process
  • Assessment of the organization’s level of Preparedness to Return to Work
  • Recommendations to mitigate the top risks to the Long-Range Plan
  • A facilitated review of the results of the Stress Test

Managing the COVID-19 Challenge
Virtual roundtable discussions provide an early look at the issues, tactical actions, and emerging best practices that can help optimize performance under current conditions.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a daily reality for organizations across the globe. Owner-operators are reacting in real-time to an ever-evolving set of challenges and considerations. For two decades, the input of owner-operators has guided what we do here at AP-Networks and how we approach Industry’s most pressing challenges. Every year at our Turnaround Industry Network Conferences (TINC), we gather together small, focused groups to discuss challenges and share firsthand experience. Year after year, attendees leave full of new ideas that they’re eager to put to the test.

To “take the pulse” of Industry and discover the emerging best practices that provide a path forward, we’ve held and will continue to hold virtual TINC roundtable discussions with leaders from a diverse group of global organizations. These discussions have already illuminated an array of valuable insights related to long-range planning, turnaround preparation, and turnaround execution. Participants share unexpected benefits to planning efficiency and effectiveness, weigh the complex considerations related to turnaround deferral and contractor availability, and lay out strategies for responding to a confirmed COVID-19 case on-site.

Our industry is resilient, and together, there is no challenge we cannot overcome. It is our privilege here at AP-Networks to continue holding these virtual TINC discussions to help Industry walk forward together, through and beyond the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are interested in joining AP-Networks for a future roundtable discussion of COVID-19 impacts and responses throughout the industry, please contact us.