Chris Miller is a Senior Consultant with Asset Performance Networks, based out of the company’s office in Houston, Texas. Chris joined the company after serving as a Nuclear Power Submarine Officer in the U.S. Navy, where he gained a reputation for training and developing high performing teams.

In his role with AP-Networks, Chris plays an active part in helping clients implement work processes and project integration plans. Throughout the execution of various AP-Networks services—including the Turnaround Assist Program (T-AP), Integrated Turnaround Assist Program (iT-AP), Risk Based Scope Review (RBSR), Project Integration Workshop, and Work Process Training—Chris builds an understanding of client challenges. By working to align team members on new processes and solutions, he ensures that clients have the tools to put insights into action.

During his time in the Navy, Chris gained a wealth of experience leading highly skilled personnel teams in high-risk operations, including the emergency dry-docking of a $2.2 billion submarine, and the at-sea repair of the USS Asheville after catastrophic failure to a vital ship system. Chris’ leadership was characterized by routinely outperforming expectations and coming in under schedule and under budget. Additionally, he developed and supervised innovative training programs that exceeded success quotas. As a Quality Assurance Officer, Chris regularly worked with cross-organizational leadership simultaneously, leading integration efforts and improving alignment.

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M University, and a master’s degree in Homeland/Information Security from Pennsylvania State University. During his career with the Navy, Chris earned both the Undersea Warfare and Quality Maintenance Supervisor qualifications.