Turnaround Value Practices (TVP)

Make the Leap from “Better” to “Best-in-Class” For those struggling in the bottom and third quartile of turnaround performance, a focus on becoming more predictable through improved planning and preparation is key. But what about those sites that have turnaround predictability under control? How do they make the leap from second quartile to top quartile?

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TINC America 2015 – Day Two Recap

Day Two of TINC America 2015 kicked off with a presentation from Gordon Lawrence, Manager of Capital Project Consulting, EMEA for AP-Networks, who let us in on what turnarounds look like from the perspective of the capital projects team. Gordon reiterated a sentiment many at TINC expressed—that capital project integration derails turnarounds—but challenged the notion

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TINC America 2015 – Day One Recap

AP-Networks Managing Director George DeBakey welcomed attendees from more than 30 companies and 70 locations to the 13th annual TINC America conference. He reflected on the growth of TINC, from 18 attendees at the first conference to the more than 140 attendees present today. And he looked at the evolution of turnaround management that has

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TINC Europe 2015 – Day 2 Highlights

After a great evening program that provided plenty of opportunity to network, share knowledge, and have some fun, the second day of TINC Europe 2015 kicked off. Building upon Nathan Centofanti’s presentation on turnaround performance outcomes from yesterday, Ben van Roij, Senior Consultant for AP-Networks, offered the audience insight into the turnaround practices that drive

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