Benefits Achieved

• An actionable plan, complete with required activities, was developed to build alignment between a large group of stakeholders
• Business objectives for the project were clarified
• Stakeholders gained the requisite knowledge to overcome roadblocks and develop a robust business case


A project to build an offshore platform and onshore LNG processing facility in East Africa was in early development, but problems arose when it came time to align all stakeholders to develop a robust and economically viable business case. AP-Networks was brought in to help align the stakeholder parties and to facilitate development of the business case.


This project involved a diverse array of stakeholders, including:

  • Offshore facilities
  • Drilling pipelines
  • Onshore facilities
  • The local African government
  • The owner’s national government
  • The onshore local community

In order to produce a comprehensive, transparent, and most importantly, viable business case, AP-Networks proposed, organized, and facilitated a discussion among all of the main stakeholders.


Following the workshop, all of the main stakeholders on the client side had a clear roadmap of activities required to align with one another, as well as with external stakeholders. In addition, the client team members had a much clearer, better aligned understanding of the client business objectives for the project.

Case Studies