Enterprise solutions publication CIO Review has recognized Asset Performance Networks for its “database-powered” capital project and turnaround solutions

December 2018

For the December CIO Review Predictive Analytics Special, the magazine sought to identify the “…companies that are transforming the predictive analytics landscape with next-generation solutions.” Asset Performance Networks (AP-Networks) was highlighted in the magazine’s list of the 20 Most Promising Predictive Analytics Solutions Providers of 2018. This recognition serves to highlight the incredible insights AP-Networks has gleaned from its databases of over 2,000 capital projects and over 1,800 turnarounds, and the impact these insights have had on the bottom lines of petroleum, chemical, and energy companies worldwide.

In this special edition, CIO Review shined a spotlight on the pivotal role played by predictive analytics in today’s business landscape, and the challenge of capitalizing on the incredible potential of predictive analytics.

“Predictive analytics has become the lifeblood of businesses, but extracting useful insights from terabytes of datasets can be quite cumbersome for businesses, to the point that data termed as a priceless asset may not seem so valuable.”

AP-Networks is proud of our track record helping asset-intensive companies the world over derive the full value from their own data and our industry benchmarks.

Check out the CIO Review Magazine Predictive Analytics Special here, and click here to read more about AP-Networks’ own predictive analytics solutions.


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About Asset Performance Networks

AP-Networks is the trusted leader for improving asset and operational performance in petroleum, chemical, and energy companies worldwide. We work with our clients’ most critical assets—their people, processes, and production facilities—to help them achieve safe, competitive, predictable outcomes on their high-risk events, namely capital projects and turnarounds. Our consultants are internationally recognized leaders and experts in project management, turnaround management, operations, benchmarking, risk management, and more. Our team leverages proprietary, data-driven tools that help our clients Aim Higher to achieve superior business outcomes and Aim Smarter to drive breakthrough performance. For further information regarding our full range of products and services, please visit us at www.AP-Networks.com.


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