AP-Networks has long been the preeminent global benchmarking and assessment firm for capital projects and asset-intensive shutdowns, turnarounds, overhauls, and refurbishments in the energy and petrochemical industries. In the process, we’ve assembled the most comprehensive practices and outcomes databases in Industry. Our company has transformed turnaround management from a necessary evil into a measurable scientific discipline, and elevated the competitive importance of these events in energy and petrochemical companies around the world.

We have taken our vast experience in benchmarking, database construction, advanced analytics, and hands-on best practice implementation, and applied this expertise to the challenges faced by the maritime and shipping industries in the planning, preparation, and execution of dry dockings.

Our 2015 Dry Docking Performance Benchmarking Study involved ship management organizations based out of Southeast Asia and Europe. In addition to benchmarking each study participant against Industry average performance across various metrics, the final study report examines where the dry docking practice area as a whole stands compared to other asset-intensive practice areas worldwide. The study results were covered in an article by industry website Splash, and the final report is available for download at www.DryDocking-Network.com.

With an ever-growing collection of data in the Dry Docking and Upstream Turnaround Database, and a wealth of experience driving asset-intensive operations to previously unimagined levels of optimization, we are poised to help a new generation of industry professionals deliver competitive, predictable dry docking performance.

Click here to download the 2015 Dry Docking Performance Benchmarking Report.

“AP-Networks provided valuable assistance to Masterbulk to improve our dry docking performance throughout the period 2014 to 2016, particularly in safety, maintenance/inspection cost and yard schedule predictability.  AP-Networks also provided Masterbulk with useful recommendations to enable us to focus on driving further improvement in our dry docking performance.”  Masterbulk



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