AP-Networks utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to assist clients in understanding their strategic position and to provide tactical insights with regard to Capital Projects and Turnarounds.  AI and ML solutions are tailored to our client’s needs and draw on our well-established Industry dataset. AP-Networks AI/ML tools are used to provide clients with rapid analysis of events’ work process, schedule, and risk register to build institutional knowledge within the company and enable proactive risk management.

Work Process Monitoring

An event’s work process sets the stage for success by establishing a framework for the planning and preparation. The specific practices and ability for a team to adhere to the process has a significant impact on the readiness for execution. Using AI/ML technology, milestones identified as having a significant impact on cost and schedule risk can be identified and monitored. Combined with risk modeling, this enables teams to keep apprised of not only the status of their work process, but the risk profile associated with their current performance, and what can be done to mitigate the risk.

Schedule Risk Analysis

Cost, schedule, and safety performance issues can be the accumulation of small issues throughout execution or, occasionally, large, previously undiscovered issues. To understand issues big and small, a thorough look at the schedule is needed. AI/ML tools can help find trends in type of work packs that have greater risks associated with them due to the type of work, demand in schedule, or resources assigned. By identifying high risk areas, owner-operators can direct more attention during preparation and execution to improve the likelihood of event success.

Risk Register Monitoring

Developing a risk register, with appropriately identified and assessed risks, is critical to understanding potential obstacles and determining the best actions to mitigate those risks. Without a rigorous lessons learned process and well-established institutional knowledge, many risks go unnoticed and negatively impact preparation for and execution of the event. AP-Networks AI/ML tools help clients identify common risks associated with analogous events and suggest best practice mitigation actions to give teams the perspective to manage those risks. Further, an analysis of the risk register and mitigating actions can provide insights into the event-level risk profile, addressing performance metrics for cost, schedule, and safety.



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