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After a great evening program that provided plenty of time for networking, knowledge sharing, and a good amount of fun, it was time for another day of exchanging ideas, hashing out strategies, and working to expand the boundaries of turnaround knowledge.

The second day of TINC Europe 2017 started off with a moderated Question and Answer session, with questions answered by an Expert Panel made up of our TINC Europe 2017 presenters. Panellists discussed:

  • Best practices for the “All Engineering Packages (IFC) issued to the Turnaround Team” milestone, and the importance of leadership in achieving compliance to these milestones.
  • Challenges related to Scheduling and Operations resources.
  • Achieving compliance with the turnaround work process, and moving away from a “ticking the box” mentality toward an approach focused on higher quality.
  • Achieving an effective steering team; the Expert Panel agreed that Turnaround Managers sometimes present the largest obstacle to achieving this by taking on problems that are not part of their responsibility.

After the coffee break, it was Mr. Lowe—Area Leader Turnaround at P66 Humber Refinery—that took the stage and enlightened the participants on Operations Planning and Readiness. Before going into the details of operations planning, Mr. Lowe talked about the data available and urged the crowd to enforce predictability. Based on his experience, Mr. Lowe gave some great pointers on how to do this: Protect your critical path and your startup with systemization, plan for a soft start, and know the details of your utility demands and hydrocarbon streams. The big takeaway from Mr. Lowe’s presentation was this: “Remember the Paperwork – your plan to return to service is as important as your plan to prepare for maintenance.”

After our first Breakout Session of the day and a well-deserved lunch break, Mr. Venema—QA/QC Manager at Neste Rotterdam—shared his experiences preparing QA/QC in a recently executed turnaround. This in-depth presentation, packed with live examples, not only showed the multiple steps required in a solid QA/QC approach, but also highlighted the benefits of effectively implementing such an approach.

The final slot of the day was reserved for Mr. Breidy—Consultant at AP-Networks—who presented on the topic of Project Portfolio Management. With the integration of large projects already posing a significant challenge for Industry, integrating many smaller projects into the turnaround further complicates matters. Adding to the challenge, projects of varied size and scope lead to different priorities, expectations, and attention given to each. Typically, late addition of several smaller projects is incorrectly perceived as having only “minor” risks and impact.

To tackle this challenge, sites must make use of long-range planning, complete with clearly defined goals and objectives, and the right projects priorities. Active project portfolio management, a single point of accountability, and close monitoring of the projects portfolio tracker are crucial to effective long-range planning.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Pillay thanked the presenters and attendees for their involvement and participation, and provided a brief summary of TINC Europe 2017:

  • Recognition of the “need for change,” and a focus on implementing strategic and tactical improvement measures.
  • Strategies for instilling a strong safety culture throughout the turnaround organization and winning “hearts and minds.”
  • The importance of setting the right scope.
  • Achieving predictable Operations outcomes through resource availability and consistent, thorough planning.
  • The importance of site leadership engagement in the form of an effective Steering Team, and the need to understand what an effective Steering Team looks like.
  • “What gets reported, gets measured. What gets measured, gets managed.”

Wishing everyone safe travels home, Mr. Pillay expressed the hope of seeing the attendees again next March at TINC Europe 2018.

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